the internet and how we use it is evolving, are you?

(Because it could be costing you over 72% of potential first time customers in under a minute and damaging both your revenue and company profile)

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The inherent problem with having a web site today is depicted in the photograph above. Three different users in three different demographic using three different devices, but all possibly looking at your site; the question is what are they seeing and how are they perceiving your company, your product and ultimately the decision of where they will spend their money.
Most people that we help on the development of their websites had the idea that once the site was up all they had to do was wait for people to knock on the door and give them money. No mention was ever given to construction of the site or how it would render with new user technologies, actually refreshing and altering the context regularly or even that their site was technologically so old that it was working against them. Then the people we help come to the conclusion that the internet is a dead end that has done nothing noticeable for their business; we view it as the internet has no interest in you!

tablets are primarly the users main system, with sales overtaking laptopgardner research

why change my website

Simply customers.

Internet user analysis has show a quite startling and dramatic trend; that dissatisfied visitors to your site are clicking out very quickly.

72% of first time customers are clicking out of your site in under a minute.

This means lost potential customers and lost revenue, but the question is why.
Do not worry, we are here to help you get a solution in place and effectively use the internet.

Premote or demote.

First impressions really do count, is your site promoting or demoting your company to potential customers? Does how you present yourself on the web really important? Does your site work in a way that maximizes the potential of retaining these customers.


The internet changes and is evolving to a purpose, are you going to be part of it. The fusion of the latest web technology and the technology of devices that potential customers are using is now paramount; your site needs to straddle the whole range of technologies that are out there today, and tomorrow.

free site analysis and web plan

Get a free site evalution report directly from use to see if your site is really reaching the target demographics. We will also prepare an initial plan for your future.

the trending internet users-it's about devices
From smart phones, mini-pads, tablets, readers, laptops, desktops; the variety of devices is growing, particularly the tablets, how does your site cope with the media variatations

what we do to help you


full analysis of your potential market and the internet trends of your targeted demographic


full analysis of your potential market and the internet trends of your targeted demographic


We construct your site from code to fully customize and optimize the site. We use all the modern web technologies available to product a functioning, well designed and optimized site to help you boost sales.


All our builds come with 1 year support of continued analysis and optimization of the site


redesign and rethink your one line startigy for a web site that is productive for you

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